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FloridaRedistricting.Org: From Home Page to Front Page

With committee meetings underway, and public submissions of redistricting plans and public meetings throughout the State about to begin in the next couple months –, the home page of our outreach, is going from home page to front page over the next few weeks.

The main portal to MyDistrictBuilder, current events, meeting information and public participation resources will still be

But this operation is about to become very information heavy, from public meeting records to redistricting plan submissions to lots of data and resources.  Therefore, our WordPress pages will capture the full extent of that content.

What’s more, our WordPress pages will give visitors a chance to continue the redistricting conversation, share thoughts and ideas, and learn as much as they want to about redistricting.

If you only want the most recent and most consumer friendly information, will be all you need.  If you want to become a Florida redistricting scholar, we hope you’ll find what we’re now calling Page 2 and Page 3 very helpful. 

Page 2 will cover subjects like Public Participation, Video Tutorials, Open Data & Code, and Additional Resources.  Page 3 will focus on archiving meeting records.  So if you find yourself needing a meeting packet from a meeting held six months ago, Page 3 will be the place to visit.

As always, we hope you enjoy following the development of MyDistrictBuilder and the many pathways to public participation in the sunshine.  If you ever have a questions, say hello here, or feel free to email us at

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