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Summary Stats for Public Maps 0001-0068

With 68 publicly proposed maps in-hand (and more on the way, based on our email inbox), you may be looking for a way to compare the public’s ideas to each other and to the current State House, State Senate and congressional maps.

The “Summary Statistics for Public Maps 0001-0068” document available at (and below) gives you summary breakdowns by race, ethnicity, population deviation, county splits and city splits for each of the first 68 publicly proposed maps and the current House, Senate and congressional maps.

As always, email us at if you have any questions.  Enjoy!

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Updated Meeting Records

Meeting records through the September 19 committee meetings, including the Summer 2011 public hearings, are up-to-date via the Meeting Records button at  For your convenience, links to the most popular records of interest are below:

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3 Significant Points from September 19 Redistricting Committees

Monday, September 19 – The Florida House’s Redistricting Committee and its Subcommittees began the process of reviewing and discussing the public input gathered at this summer’s 26 community meetings and input obtained via proposed maps and other written suggestions from Florida residents.  Three significant points from Monday’s meetings:

1. Redistricting Committee Chairman Will Weatherford suggested that the public submit any new ideas (via MyDistrictBuilder, in writing, via social media, etc.) for redistricting maps before November 1.  Public comment will still be welcomed and needed throughout the redistricting process.  However, public input in November and thereafter will have to be utilized in response to legislative proposals that are already working their way through the process.

2. Weatherford set a goal for the House, Senate and Congressional Redistricting Subcommittees to each approve of at least three complete options for their respective maps.  This means that the Redistricting Committee will have for its consideration at least three redistricting maps for Congress, three for the State House and three for the State Senate.

3. The Redistricting Committee rolled out public input summary documents for Northwest Florida, Northeast and North Central Florida, Central Florida and Southeast Florida.  These documents are available via  Summary documents for Southwest Florida and citizen-proposed statewide redistricting maps will be made available by early October.

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Getting Informed: What’s Next for Florida’s Redistricting?

The Florida House of Representatives’ Office of Public Information just released their latest “Informer” with lots of information to guide you from the end of the Summer 2011 public input meetings into the Fall 2011 Interim Committee meetings.

If you only just started following the Florida redistricting process, the Informer can catch you up to what’s been going on.  If you’ve been thinking about nothing but redistricting for the last nine months, the Informer will give you insight and resources regarding the next steps in the process.


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View Written Redistricting Map Submissions

When you click on the “Public Submissions” button at, you are able to access the now 63 partial or complete redistricting maps submitted by Florida residents to the Florida Legislature. 

In addition, you can also access the approximately 220 written suggestions for redistricting maps submitted by Florida residents.  These suggestions came from Florida residents by mail, email, fax, written testimony at public hearings, and even a postcard from a Palm Coast resident. 

For your convenience, links to the written testimony are included below:

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September 19 Redistricting Committee Meetings Noticed

With the Summer 2011 public input meetings done, the Florida House’s Redistricting Committee and its three subcommittees will begin meeting this month.  Meetings will begin with a focus on public input – input from the 26 meetings throughout Florida, written input, and citizen proposed maps.

Today, the following committee meetings were noticed for Monday, September 19 in Tallahassee:

The complete current noticed calendar for the Florida House of Representatives’ September 19-23 Interim Committee Week can be found by clicking here.

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63 Public Submissions of Florida Redistricting Maps!

Ten years ago, the Florida Legislature received 4 public submissions of redistricting maps.  Back then, the Florida Legislature offered the public access redistricting software via the FREDS 2000 software, a CD-based application.

Ten years later public participation has increased dramatically with access to redistricting software via the Internet, including the Florida House’s MyDistrictBuilder application.  Today, we added the 63rd public submission of a partial or complete map to the web.

The 63 public submissions of redistricting maps can be viewed by visiting the “Public Submissions” button at, or directly at

Below are some interesting statistics about the 63 redistricting maps received thus far:

  • 1,345 – Districts submitted
  • 35 – Different individuals or groups have submitted redistricting maps
  • 21 – Redistricting maps have been submitted by residents of 21 counties
  • 20 – At the Summer 2011 statewide public input meetings, 20 redistricting maps were presented in-person
  • 13 – Age of youngest redistricting plan author (HPUBH0047 and HPUBH0048)
  • 9 – Lake County leads the way with 9 maps submitted by Lake County residents
  • 8 – At least 8 students have submitted redistricting maps

 Application Used to Create the 63 Submitted Redistricting Maps:

 Type of Redistricting Maps Submitted:

  • 19 – Complete Congressional
  • 14 – Partial Congressional
  • 14 – Partial State House
  • 5 – Complete State Senate
  • 5 – Partial State Senate
  • 4 – Complete State House

 Month Redistricting Maps were Submitted:

  • 12 – September, 2011
  • 33 – August, 2011
  • 16 – July, 2011
  • 0 – June, 2011
  • 2 – May, 2011

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