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Recapping the October 3rd Redistricting Subcommittees

Monday, October 3, the Florida House’s redistricting subcommittees concluded their review of public input from this summer’s 26 community meetings.  Additionally, the subcommittees paid special focus to complete maps received from Florida residents (through map 0068), regarding proposed boundary lines for Florida’s new state legislative and congressional districts. 

Check out the “Summary Stats and Comparisons, by Map, for Completed Public Maps 0001-0068” at to see how the public submissions stack up against each other.

The members of each redistricting subcommittee – Congressional, House and Senate – then set their course on how to mesh public input and legal considerations into at least three complete options for their respective maps.  Each subcommittee narrowed their focus as follows…

Congressional Redistricting Subcommittee:

  • Options for urban communities and the subsequent impacts on rural communities;
  • Options for high growth communities;
  • Options for minority communities; and
  • Options for starting the maps in Central Florida.

House Redistricting Subcommittee:

  • Options for major population centers;
  • Tradeoffs between whole counties versus cross-jurisdictional communities; and
  • Options for racial and language minority communities.

Senate Redistricting Subcommittee:

  • Comparisons of the potential big picture themes for each region; and
  • Options for minority communities.

The House’s redistricting subcommittees will next meet October 17.  For the videos, podcasts and more from this week’s and prior meetings, visit the “Meeting Records” button at

Looking for a Little Light Reading?

The public input summaries from the September 19 and October 3 meetings can be found under “Legislative Headlines” at, and they are linked below for your convenience:

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