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Redistricting Options Narrowed for Congressional and State House Maps

In yesterday’s House Redistricting Committee workshop, committee members agreed to focus on the following specific options for the Congressional and State House maps:

Visit here for more details about each.

Rather than wait till their January 27 Committee meeting to narrow the options, Committee members discussed how narrowing down the options yesterday would give the public and members of the House a clear picture of what will be voted on and what to draft amendments to.

Following the meeting, Committee Chairman Will Weatherford issued a statement: “Today, the Members of the House Redistricting Committee agreed to focus on a single state House map and a single Congressional map. As chairman of the committee, I appreciate the many suggestions from the public, which are helping to ensure our options for maps further reflect the wishes of cities and communities across the state.”

During the meeting, Committee members heard presentations on additional public input that has been received since the House first released its options on December 6, 2011.  That public input includes written testimony, which is viewable by clicking here, and several recent maps submitted by the public, which are available at

Committee members and the audience also viewed the video presentation below by the House’s Office of Public Information regarding how citizen testimony has been used to craft the House’s options for redistricting.

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  1. Harry Hutton says:

    Estero,at present, is an unincorporated community with about 30,000 registered voters located in south Lee County. During the last decade we have been in House District 75, home to Representative Trudi Williams. In the next decade we expect significant growth and possible incorporation as a city. Having split representation will be a detriment to our future plans, whatever they turn out to be. We need a voice representing ALL of our citizens as various issues come forward for discussion and action. KEEP ESTERO WHOLE, it is your duty as a representative, an advocate of good government and a believer in good common sense.

    In spite of our earlier testimony and recent email requests none of the three maps approved by the House Redistricting Subcommittee keeps Estero whole in a Lee County District.

    The residents of Estero ask you to amend the northern boundary of District 76 in the House map that you adopt to keep the Estero community whole. There is no justification to dis-enfranchise 5,000 of our fellow Estero citizens by dumping them into Lehigh Acres with whom they share no common bonds. They are an important part of our community and deserve to remain an integral part of it by being part of the same district..

    Your agreement to this change will enhance you reputation as a supporter of good government.


    Harry Hutton
    20124 Cheetah Lane
    Estero, FL 33928

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