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2012 Qualifying Week Changed to June 4-8, 2012

Note, recent changes to Florida election laws advanced the 2012 Primary Election by two weeks.  See House Bill 1355 at, page 49, lines 1369-1370.  Therefore, the Primary Election will occur August 14, 2012.

As a result, 2012 qualifying for state and federal office (state legislature, congress) is also moved up two weeks.  “Qualifying week,” as it is often referred to, will be June 4-8, 2012

We will be amending several of our public outreach documents to reflect the new qualifying week.  If you utilize any of our old presentations for the purpose of public outreach, please make sure to note the change in the qualifying week.

Qualifying for state and federal office occurs in the same week “in each year in which the Legislature apportions the state” (redistricting).  See section 99.061 (9), Florida Statutes at

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Outreach For Public Participation

Late 2010, staff of the House Redistricting Committee began contacting numerous organizations about MyDistrictBuilder and other opportunities to participate in Florida’s 2011-2012 redistricting process. 

Organizations contacted included:

  • Florida’s 67 county supervisors of election
  • Florida’s 67 county commissions
  • Dozens of municipal commissions and councils
  • Colleges & universities
  • Civic organizations
  • Civil rights organizations
  • and many others

If you would like the House Redistricting Committee to help get your group – or an organization that you know of – involved in the redistricting process, email the Committee’s staff at or call (850) 488-3928.  Even if you just need assistance in how to get information about public meetings, MyDistrictBuilder and other resources to your organization, the team is happy to help!

The document below lists the groups contacted thus far.  Currently, staff are reaching out to these organizations a second time about the public meeting calendar.  Now is a great time to add new names to this list, so that your organization has the latest details on this summer’s public meetings.

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Redistricting Committee Updates

The Redistricting Committee met today to drill down further into Florida’s redistricting process.  The Committee first heard remarks regarding:

  • The jurisdiction of the Committee and the subcommittees, and the responsibilities of Committee members;
  • Opportunities for public input and participation in the redistricting process; and
  • House rules and procedures for redistricting.

Additionally, the Committee heard testimony from the House’s special counsel for reapportionment, regarding Florida’s state constitutional provisions on redistricting.  Specifically, counsel helped the Committee members examine the recently approved Amendments 5 and 6 (Article III, Sections 21 and 20 of the Florida Constitution).

The Committee also got a tour of the beta version of the MyDistrictBuilder application.  Throughout the week, each of the redistricting subcommittees will also hear the same presentations in their respective meetings. Read the rest of this entry »

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Florida Channel Launches Redistricting Site

The Florida Channel recently added another resource for the public to follow the redistricting process at

The site will archive redistricting committee meetings and those meetings the Legislature will host throughout Florida this summer through fall.  Whether you miss a meeting or maybe you want to use public testimony to help create a redistricting plan with MyDistrictBuilder, the Florida Channel is expected to have the information available through 2012.

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Special Amendment Deadlines and Procedures Approved

***Update from a previous story…***

The Florida House of Representatives approved special amendment deadlines and procedures for amendments to redistricting plans in committees.  The amendment deadlines and procedures were approved by unanimous voice vote on the Floor of the House. 

For more information about the special amendment deadlines and procedures, see below, or visit the previous story at:

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Proposed Special Amendment Deadlines and Procedures

Friday, April 15 – The Florida House of Representatives’ Rules & Calendar Committee approved proposed special amendment deadlines and procedures for amendments to redistricting plans in committees.  The amendment deadlines and procedures were approved by unanimous voice vote of the Members of the Rules & Calendar Committee.  The proposal must now be approved by the full House on April 20.

The committee-level deadlines and procedures for redistricting amendments (see below) will require amendments to redistricting plans to be submitted by noon, three business days prior to consideration.  Substitute Amendments must be filed by noon, two business days prior to consideration. 

The ability to enact special amendment deadlines and procedures is necessary for highly technical issues like appropriations and redistricting, giving Members and staff time to prepare all the necessary information for consideration of the amendments, giving Members dedicated time to submit substitute amendments, and affording both the Members and the Public adequate time to review and react. Read the rest of this entry »

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