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What’s New with Redistricting Meetings and Submitted Plans?

The Florida House of Representatives’ Office of Public Information (OPI) just published their latest OPI Informer, which you can check out below.

It’s almost entirely devoted to the latest information on the Florida redistricting public input meetings, how to get involved, and the submission of redistricting proposals by Florida residents.  This two page document is a great way to quickly learn and spread the word about Florida’s redistricting process. 

To get more updates like this, you can join OPI’s email list at

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Redistricting Outreach Made Simple Via Video

The Florida House of Representatives is using video as a way to market the public input meetings and provide Floridians with a preview of what to expect at these meetings.  Recently, the House even created a new Spanish-language Public Service Advertisement (PSA) for the upcoming meetings in Central Florida. 

You are welcome to use the video links below to include these videos in your redistricting educational and outreach efforts.  Additional video summaries from the remainder of public meetings (July 25-September 1) will be made available via the Public Participation Toolkit at and

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Redistricting Maps and Suggestions Submitted By Florida Residents To-Date

Below you will find links to the complete and partial redistricting plans submitted to the Florida House of Representatives by Florida residents:

 Complete Congressional Plans:

 Partial Congressional Plans:

 Partial State House Plans:

 Complete State Senate Plan:

 Partial State Senate Plan:

 Written Redistricting Plan Submissions:

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RSVP for Summer Redistricting Meetings

Our friends in the Florida Senate created this helpful website to RSVP for this summer’s public hearings on redistricting:

RSVPing in advance of meetings is optional, but it does help us ensure that we adequately prepare for the number of Floridians who wish to present their ideas for redistricting.

Everyone is welcome at the public hearings to speak directly to the Senators and Representatives about redistricting.  Our sole purpose is listening to learn how you want the standards governing redistricting to be implemented and how you think districts in your area can work best for all voters and constituents.

Meetings will convene promptly at the scheduled start time and will adjourn upon the completion of business or the scheduled end time, whichever occurs first.  We will carefully budget time to hear as much public testimony as possible, and citizens are welcome to supplement the record with written materials.  Please let us know if you plan to attend and if you wish to speak at the meeting, so we can arrange enough seating and allot adequate time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Speaker Cannon’s Statement Regarding Preclearance of Amendments 5 and 6

May 31, 2011 – Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon stated:

“The preclearance of Amendments 5 and 6 was a necessary step before the legislature could implement them as part of the upcoming redistricting process. More importantly, the preclearance of Amendments 5 and 6 is validation that Florida‟s new constitutional standards for redistricting promote and protect the ability of racial and language minority communities to equally participate in the electoral process and elect candidates of their choice.”

You can view and download the entire release below.

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First Two Public Submissions Received

The Florida House of Representatives received the first two redistricting proposals from the public this week.  You can check them at our new Plan Explorer page at

The first submission is a complete congressional plan for Florida at

The second submission is a partial State House plan for Brevard County area at

Keep a look out early next week for some new additions to

Happy Memorial Day!

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Updates to MyDistrictBuilder

We released some new features to MyDistrictBuilder this week.  Here’s a tally of what’s new:

  • Building by Places (Cities) – So you want to build districts entire cities at a time?  Now you can!  Previously you could build by County, VTD or Blocks.  You will see the Places was added to the drop-down menu.  Quick suggestion – it is sometimes easier to see Places (city boundary lines) if you change the Bing Maps view from Aerial to Road.

  • Data Grid – You can sort the Data Grid now by column.

  • KMZ files – You can now Save and Open plans in KMZ format.  KMZ is a file format that in the long-run will allow people to view your redistricting plans in multiple types of applications, and it also brings summary-level data along with the file. 
  • Note, when you click on Open System File, you now have a choice of opening Florida’s existing Congress, House and Senate maps in either KMZ or DOJ.
  • KMZ is also a faster option for opening a file.

  • When you go to Open your saved redistricting plans, you will notice that you have a drop-down choice of either KMZ or DOJ.

  • Submit – Yes, there is a Submit button now under the File tab.  No, it doesn’t work yet.  If you are ready to Submit a full or partial redistricting plan, we are ready to accept.  Click Submit, and give us a call at the number that appears.  The button will be fully operational soon.
  • Preferences – There’s now a Preferences tab.  At present there is only one feature there, a District button that allows you to set the ideal population for districts.  This is especially useful is you are going to use MyDistrictBuilder for building local government district boundary lines.  More features to come.
  • Save and Lock – When you Save in the future, if you saved with the Lock on for one or more districts, the Lock is saved.

As always, send us a message at if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Happy Friday!

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