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Updated Meeting Records

Meeting records through the September 19 committee meetings, including the Summer 2011 public hearings, are up-to-date via the Meeting Records button at  For your convenience, links to the most popular records of interest are below:

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Looking Back: Videos, Podcasts and More

Meeting videos, podcasts and post-meeting action packets from last week’s redistricting public input meetings (Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, The Villages and Gainesville) are all available online via the Meeting Records button at  For your convenience, you will find links to them below.



 Post-Meeting Action Packets:

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Meeting Videos, Podcasts and Post-Meeting Action Packets

Meeting videos, podcasts and post-meeting action packets from last week’s redistricting public input meetings (Tallahassee, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach and Panama City) are all available online via the Meeting Records button at  For your convenience, you will find links to them below.



 Post-Meeting Action Packets:

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Video Update Regarding Public Meetings

In the video update below, you will see how Floridians can learn about and participate in this summer’s public meetings on Florida’s redistricting of its state legislative and congressional district boundary lines.

Can’t make one of the meetings?  There’s still a number of ways you can watch the meetings and participate without being there in-person.  What’s more, the information from the meetings will be available via

You can visit MyDistrictBuilder’s YouTube page at to see more video updates, watch tutorials on how to use MyDistrictBuilder, and learn about redistricting.

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Updates to coming soon!

Over the next week or so we will be implementing some changes to  With the launch of our Blog & Resources page, is taking on a more simplified role as a front page for an entire universe of information about Florida redistricting.

So what purposes will serve in the near future?

  • As we’re about to begin public input meetings on redistricting throughout Florida, will provide updates and access to scheduling information.
  • The site will remain the best access point to MyDistrictBuilder.
  • The site will provide public outreach, participation and educational materials.
  • The site will provide introductions to the legal and legislative sides of redistricting.
  • The site will offer insight into MyDistrictBuilder, including user help and support.

Beyond the content at, the site will continue to serve as a gateway to an expanding universe of information, including social media, this blog and resources, legislative archives, and eventually access to the plans and suggestions submitted by Floridians.

For example, as a visitor to our Plan Explorer page, you will be able to search and review redistricting plans and ideas submitted by other Floridians – blog, share, and use as a foundation for your own input.  You will be able to take the redistricting plans and load them into MyDistrictBuilder, so that you can edit them, and resubmit them with your own twist on someone else’s idea.

Crowdsourcing – Florida redistricting style!

In the meantime, many of our resource links have moved here – to the Blog & Resources page.  The resources on the right side of the page are geared towards what you might want for drawing or analyzing redistricting plans.  The resources in the middle are focused on news and big picture items – why, what, how, etc.

As our pages evolve, if you lose track of a favorite link or a resource, just email us at  And as always, feel free to let us know if you have any other questions or comments.

Happy Almost Friday!

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Learning MyDistrictBuilder: Taking a Tour of its Features

The end of this week’s committee meetings will provide a turning point for the members of the redistricting committees – in which they go from learning about the redistricting process – to sharing with and learning from Floridians.  

Overall, the three recent weeks of meetings are intended to give committee members the foundation they need for all forms of public input on redistricting, including MyDistrictBuilder, and this summer and fall’s public meetings throughout Florida.

Coming into this week, members of the committees have learned about many of the public participation resources available through, which also provides public access to the beta version of MyDistrictBuilder.

This week, committee members are listening to a tutorial on MyDistrictBuilder, but they are also receiving a tutorial (below) that they can provide to their constituents.  The PowerPoint document was created so that Floridians could follow a learning process similar to the committee members themselves.  The full 24 MB version of the PowerPoint can be downloaded by clicking here.

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