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Florida Senate Set to Finalize Maps

Florida Senate Set to Finalize State House, Congressional and State Senate Maps

Today, the Florida Senate is scheduled for an approximately 3:30 p.m. Session in which they are expected to concur with the state legislative and congressional redistricting maps, as approved by the Florida House on Friday, February 3.  The three maps are as follows:

State House Map: SJR 1176 (plan H000H9049)

Congressional Map: SB 1174 (plan H000C9047)

State Senate Map: SJR 1176 (plan S0009008)

To learn more about how the process evolved to this point, check out the following resources:

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Florida House Approves State Legislative and Congressional Maps

The Florida House of Representatives today approved House, Senate and Congressional maps.  The redistricting maps approved by the House of Representatives include:

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Redistricting Options Narrowed for Congressional and State House Maps

In yesterday’s House Redistricting Committee workshop, committee members agreed to focus on the following specific options for the Congressional and State House maps:

Visit here for more details about each.

Rather than wait till their January 27 Committee meeting to narrow the options, Committee members discussed how narrowing down the options yesterday would give the public and members of the House a clear picture of what will be voted on and what to draft amendments to.

Following the meeting, Committee Chairman Will Weatherford issued a statement: “Today, the Members of the House Redistricting Committee agreed to focus on a single state House map and a single Congressional map. As chairman of the committee, I appreciate the many suggestions from the public, which are helping to ensure our options for maps further reflect the wishes of cities and communities across the state.”

During the meeting, Committee members heard presentations on additional public input that has been received since the House first released its options on December 6, 2011.  That public input includes written testimony, which is viewable by clicking here, and several recent maps submitted by the public, which are available at

Committee members and the audience also viewed the video presentation below by the House’s Office of Public Information regarding how citizen testimony has been used to craft the House’s options for redistricting.

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Stay Informed About Florida Redistricting

Need a recap of the next steps and how to get involved in Florida’s redistricting?  The House Office of Public Information‘s latest Informer, Volume 1 Issue 14, has what you need. 

Enjoy and Happy Weekend!

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Getting Informed: What’s Next for Florida’s Redistricting?

The Florida House of Representatives’ Office of Public Information just released their latest “Informer” with lots of information to guide you from the end of the Summer 2011 public input meetings into the Fall 2011 Interim Committee meetings.

If you only just started following the Florida redistricting process, the Informer can catch you up to what’s been going on.  If you’ve been thinking about nothing but redistricting for the last nine months, the Informer will give you insight and resources regarding the next steps in the process.


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Update on Public Submissions of Redistricting Maps

Since we last wrote, the number of public submissions of redistricting plans has doubled to a total of 46 partial or complete maps.  Comparing that to the last time Florida redistricted, ten years ago the Florida Legislature only received 4 submissions of redistricting maps from the public.

For your convenience, all 23 new submissions are listed below.  The public submissions of redistricting maps and written suggestions are available via by clicking on the Public Submissions button to view. 

There you can view, comment on, and share those proposed maps submitted by Florida residents.  In fact, you can also save the plan files for those proposed maps, and then open them in the Florida House’s MyDistrictBuilder redistricting application, in order to edit and then resubmit them with your changes.

  • Plan 0046 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0045 – Complete state house plan
  • Plan 0044 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0043 – Partial state house plan, impacting Broward and Miami-Dade counties
  • Plan 0042 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0041 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0040 – Partial state house plan, impacting St. Lucie County
  • Plan 0039 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0038 – Partial congressional plan, impacting the Big Bend region
  • Plan 0037 – Partial state senate plan, impacting statewide
  • Plan 0036 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0035 – Partial state house plan, impacting Broward and Miami-Dade counties
  • Plan 0034 – Complete state senate plan
  • Plan 0033 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0032 – Partial state senate plan, impacting Martin and Palm Beach counties
  • Plan 0031 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0030 – Partial state senate plan, impacting Broward and Palm Beach counties
  • Plan 0029 – Partial state house plan, impacting Brevard, Indian River, Okeechobee, Osceola and Polk counties
  • Plan 0028 – Complete state senate plan
  • Plan 0027 – Complete state house plan
  • Plan 0026 – Complete congressional plan
  • Plan 0025 – Partial state senate plan, impacting statewide
  • Plan 0024 – Partial state house plan, impacting Pasco County

See the full lineup of public submissions of redistricting maps and written suggestions at

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8/29 to 9/1: Redistricting Meetings in Southwest Florida

Below is the updated public input meeting schedule.  There is only one week, 6 meetings, remaining for the Florida House and Senate’s joint meetings on redistricting.  The remaining 6 meetings will take place in Tampa (8/29), Largo and Sarasota (8/30), Naples and Lehigh Acres (8/31) and Clewiston (9/1).

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Get Ready for Florida Redistricting in Southeast Florida

For the upcoming August 15-18 public input meetings on redistricting in Stuart, Boca Raton, Davie, Miami, South Miami and Key West, below are links to parking and driving directions, Google Maps for each location, and the RSVP page for each location.  You do not have to RSVP, but if you wish to speak it is recommended that you RSVP and that you arrive prior to the start time of the meeting. 

Looking for some guidance about the format of the redistricting public input meetings and how you might get involved?  Check out the videos below from a couple of our recent meetings in Lakeland and Gainesville for insight and ideas.

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Location Change for the Tampa Redistricting Hearing

The location for the August 29 Florida redistricting meeting in Tampa has changed to:

  • Jefferson High School Auditorium
  • 4401 Cypress Street
  • Tampa, Florida 33607

Jefferson High School has plenty of free parking, close proximity to a bus stop, and more seating than the original downtown location.  We think it will be much more convenient for the public.

Persons who pre-registered (RSVP) to attend/speak at the Tampa meeting will be receiving and email or letter that confirms the change of address.

The complete Florida redistricting public meeting calendar can be found by visiting:

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Redistricting Outreach Made Simple Via Video

The Florida House of Representatives is using video as a way to market the public input meetings and provide Floridians with a preview of what to expect at these meetings.  Recently, the House even created a new Spanish-language Public Service Advertisement (PSA) for the upcoming meetings in Central Florida. 

You are welcome to use the video links below to include these videos in your redistricting educational and outreach efforts.  Additional video summaries from the remainder of public meetings (July 25-September 1) will be made available via the Public Participation Toolkit at and

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